Our Headucation campaign aims to raise money so that we can provide fully-funded mental health training to school staff and teachers. Funds are being raised through donations and workplace mental health training.

We believe teachers play a crucial role in supporting children and young people’s mental health.

Mental health training for teachers will enable them to

  • Spot the signs of mental health conditions in children
  • Provide early intervention and support
  • Better educate children about mental health
  • Reduce stigma around mental health
  • Signpost children to professional mental health support when needed.

Basic Mental Health Support Training For Teachers

We have a range of mental health teacher training options that schools can apply for including

  • Online
  • In-Person
  • CPD Accredited
  • Certificate on completion

If your school is looking for fully-funded mental health resources please download and complete this form.

iSpace and/or #iWonder curriculum and accredited CDP teacher training

Can be delivered in the PSHE timetable

The curriculums provide an age-appropriate framework including who and how to ask for help, and a common language, which encourage conversations about mental, emotional, social and physical health to become part of everyday school and home life.

The curriculums provide a proactive, progressive and preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing; supporting schools in achieving the Government’s new Mental Health, Relationships and Sex Education requirements.

iSpace Wellbeing is a holistic approach to wellbeing education. It ensures mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing are addressed in a curriculum schools can embrace with complete confidence as part of PSHE.

The curriculum uses start stories up to Year 2 to explore topics including ‘who am I’ and ‘who can I be’, sharing and friendship, anti-bullying, physical and emotional health, the environment and diversity in our community. In Year 3 onwards, the characters grow and travel around a Wellbeing Galaxy collecting tools and resources to support their development a healthy relationships, character, emotional intelligence, resilience, life-skills and wellbeing.

Conversations for all primary school aged children are supported by the iSpace Wellbeing toolkit which includes galaxy map, manual and card deck.

Our learning tools (tool kit and book) have been developed to support children both in school and at home with their family. They are designed to help make conversations about mental wellbeing easier. They provide a common language, child appropriate ways to talk about anxieties and worries, and help embed the tools and life skills to help children build emotional literacy, resilience and their “bounce back-ability”

The #iWonder curriculum focuses on advanced life-skills for managing thoughts, emotions and behaviour, understanding risk in a digital world, creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making.

The #iWonder curriculum aims to help older pupils navigate their way through life’s ups and downs, learn from failure and build character and resilience.

Conversations are supported with the Compass tool allowing children and teachers to check in pre and post lesson on the children’s wellbeing, and a digital journal tool which helps build resilience and demonstrates learning.

Teacher Mental Health Awareness online course (CPD accredited)

Our Teacher Mental Health Awareness course is a half day, interactive learning session covering various aspects of children and young people’s mental health – from how to identify potential issues, to how you can help and support a young person who may be struggling.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define mental health, including children’s mental health
  • Understand factors that affect children’s mental health
  • Give support and information to a young person experiencing mental health issues
  • Signpost and encourage the young person to the right professional/ other support
  • Understand stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health, and correct language to

This course is CPD accredited and has knowledge checks throughout the course.

Mental Health First Aid training course (2 day accredited)

We offer a 2-day mental health first aid course delivered by an MHFA England registered trainer.

It includes; how to support someone in a crisis situation, when and where to signpost to support and how to keep yourself safe in your role as a mental health first aider. It also covers several mental illnesses, and how to spot signs and symptoms of these.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from MHFA England.

Early intervention from teachers can not only reduce the impact of mental health on young people in the long term, but by reducing the number of young people in need of intense clinical support it can enable professional services like CAMHS to provide fast and efficient support for those who still need it.

Free Mental Health Resources for Schools

We have some useful activity packs for children and young people that will help them to understand more about mental health and wellbeing, as well as managing their own emotions. To get your pack sent to you, please email us here to request a copy.

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