“BJ’s Lived Experience is a shining example to society and the next generation to never give up on your dreams. BJ shows us all that by Leaving No On Behind, there is always hope and light despite the times of darkness. BJ’s story unlocks a treasure trove of wisdom from those who’ve walked the same path. Brace yourself for a confidence-boosting, hope-infused journey that accelerates, inspires and showcases the importance of Mental Health Wellbeing and Prosperity.”

About Shawmind

Shawmind is Sheffield’s own Mental Health Charity, with a mission and duty of service to Sheffield’s children & young people, so that there are no more broken dreams. Our mission and duty is to support and showcase a community that will ‘Leave No One Behind’. Find out about us →


to be associated and working with these fine Sheffield sports clubs to ensure the Mental Health prosperity, hope and opportunity of the city’s next generation.

Our Esports Development Program coaches young players between the ages of 13 to 16, in professional gameplay and team management, as well as social skills, mental health and physical well-being. The program uses the power of online gaming like ever before train, compete, learn and become an “OG” (Original Gamer).


Read and share our latest stories and blogs covering different mental health topics, as well as advice for how you can help yourself and those in your life.