Association For Online Gamers

ShawMind is charging beyond advocacy and accelerating action and impact for mental health wellbeing and prosperity by announcing a new initiative. The Association For Online Gamers understands the power of social interaction, connection and lived experience. It has the ability to encourage positive health and well-being through diverse communities and to connect people in ways that change lives.

Research shows that more than 95% of people between the ages of 13-25 are involved in some form of online video gaming, and our anecdotal evidence suggests that the online video gaming sector features a greater proportion of people exhibiting neurodiversity, functioning on the autism spectrum, struggling with social anxiety, body image and/or self-confidence, and other mental health challenges, than are found in the general population.

The latest research shows that specific video games have therapeutic value in treating certain mental health conditions.

Engaging Our Youth

Our Development Programme uses the power of online gaming like never before. Train, compete, learn and become an OG.

The people behind OG have years of experience in gaming, content creation, mental health and education. We understand this sector and the new generation of gamers, and we are bringing people together through technology and enjoyment in online and offline settings.

We understand the impact COVID-19 had on social activities and restricting young people to their homes who, in some cases, were already struggling with anxiety, self-confidence, or more serious mental health challenges.

Such vulnerable young people are one of our key focal points, and we bring them into a safeguarded, safe yet exciting online and offline enrichment programme, to enable them to connect, build healthy relationships and build a solid foundation for their future success – in both the online and offline environments.

It’s never too late to become an OG (“Original Gamer”).


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Learn more by downloading our Sponsorship Pack or Development Programme deck…or buy your very own Esports Jersey and compete as an OG!

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The Initiative

The initiative aims to provide online and physical coached sessions (through dedicated eSports facilities at venues around the country), peer mentoring programs, and mental and emotional well-being sessions, as well as regular online competition days at the physical venues, promoting the development of social interaction skills in a fun and safeguarded environment.