Do you want to improve mental health awareness and staff emotional wellbeing in your workplace? Boost productivity this year by offering your team accredited mental health training from the people who championed mental health legislation*

Shawmind is offers a wide range of workplace mental health training courses, from 1-hour self-learning to 2-day in-person, trainer-led courses. Whatever you are looking for, we either have something to suit your workplace’s needs, or we can design something to address your unique requirements.

Let this be the year you upgrade the emotional wellbeing of your staff and the support provided to them – leading to an increase in morale, productivity and reduction in absence.

Browse our mental health training courses, or contact us to see how we can help you get the most out of your employees by creating a healthy workplace culture that staff  want to be a part of.

Group Training

Group Training

Our group training courses are created to help you build a mentally healthy working environment. We currently offer:

Individual Training

Individual Training

Our accredited Understanding Series ™ provides the individual with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and awareness around a range of mental health topics, including:

Tailored Packages

Tailored Packages

We know that mental health training is important, but so is getting value for money, which is why we help you create packages and bundles that allow you to maximise your training budget.

We can also customise a training package to suit your organisation or group’s specific needs. Contact us for a no-obligation proposal.

Why choose Shawmind?

When you buy training from us you are giving back to school children across the UK through our Headucation campaign. This campaign provides schools with partial and fully funded mental health training in order to support their pupils throughout their school years, and give them the confidence and knowledge to help spot or in some cases prevent mental health issues escalating into adulthood.

*In 2017, Shawmind raised over 100,000 signatures to petition Parliament to debate compulsory mental health education in schools; legislation ensuring Mental Health Education is part of the PSE and PSHE curriculum in English and Welsh schools was enacted on 1 September 2020.

What our customers say

“Collaborating with Shawmind has enabled us to provide a greater awareness of workplace mental health challenges and support strategies. Shawmind’s attention to detail, responsive and realistic approach has been a significant help in building a workplace community supportive of employee mental health in challenging times.”

Leah Kalisky
Inclusion & Diversity Programme Lead & Co-Chair Mental Health

“On behalf of EXCO can I thank you once again for the hugely informative session today, a real light bulb moment for many of us. The presentation really was excellent and the breakout sessions, tests and scenario discussions will no doubt be of great benefit as we try to lead from the front.”

Jonathan Dobbin
Julius Bär International