How Shawmind use your donations

Shawmind is a charity on a mission to improve mental health awareness. After our 2017 parliamentary win towards compulsory mental health education in schools, we are committed to ‘headucating’ individuals and organisations so they understand mental health & emotional wellbeing, and how to manage them effectively to lead successful, fulfilled lives.  

With growing concern for young people’s mental health, with worrying statistics such as 1 in 6 children having mental health problems, and suicide being the third leading cause of death in 16-19 year olds, it is essential to educate children and their carers and provide early intervention to prevent mental illness.  

As a charity, we rely on donations and support so we can keep changing the lives of children, and provide them and their carers with mental health education. We aim to raise £20,000 Here’s how we use YOUR donations to support children’s mental health. 


We support educators, parents and carers to: 

  • Not feel overwhelmed by Mental Health in the classroom 
  • Not be the end point of dealing with Mental Health of pupils 
  • Pay attention to the signs of mental health conditions and trauma in children 
  • Provide early intervention and support through available tools and resources 
  • Better educate children about mental and emotional health 
  • Reduce stigma around mental health 
  • Signpost children to appropriate mental health support when needed. 

This supports children to: 

  • Better understand their emotions 
  • Seek help when they are struggling mentally 
  • Look after themselves when they need a mental health break  


How you can support us?

Do you want to support us so we can support a child’s mental health? For every £6 you donate, we can support a child for a year, and everyone £100 can provide THREE teachers with the resources they need.  

Are you a corporation looking to donate during the holiday season? For every £1500 you donate, we can support one school for SIX months! 


If you want to support us, here’s what you can do: 


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