Can mental health training improve employability?

While unemployment rates in the UK have not risen as high as economists predicted at the start of the pandemic, there are still numerous job hunters who find themselves competing for (sometimes very junior) roles with highly qualified candidates who were made redundant during COVID.

And naturally, the more relevant qualifications you have the better your CV will look to potential employers. But aside from vocational or subject-specific qualifications, what qualifications and training can you get to boost your employability?

A big part of the recruitment process involves finding a candidate who not only has all the role-specific skills but who will also be able to build positive relationships with colleagues and support them in their lives to create a good company culture.

We believe mental health training is the perfect way to demonstrate these qualities to your potential employer.

Accredited Mental Health Courses

At Shawmind, we offer accredited Mental Health courses that will give you a recognised qualification and help you to demonstrate your commitment to workplace wellbeing.

One of the most popular courses on offer is our 2-Day Mental Health First Aid course that equips you with the skills you need to act as a Mental Health First Aider in your workplace supporting staff and the overall organisation with a range of mental health issues.

In our recently launches series of online mental health courses we offer 2 that are CPD accredited: Mental Health Aware that helps you develop an understanding of common mental health conditions and how they affect people at work and home; and Understanding Stress that allows you to spot the signs of stress and develop tools to manage it in yourself and others.

Online Mental Health Training

Our Understanding Series includes several non-accredited mental health training courses that can help you develop great skills for the workplace including how to manage anxiety in the workplace and how to prevent burnout in employees.

Platforms like Flourishzone are designed to develop both professional and wellbeing skills that can help you in your career. We have teamed up with them to give 1000 Shawmind followers free access to their app – get yours now on our Flourishzone page.

Since mental health training is not mandatory in most roles, you can give yourself a competitive edge and improve your employability by demonstrating a desire to continue learning and to look after the wellbeing of those around you.

All proceeds from our mental health training courses will go to our Headucation2025 campaign that aims to train 151,000 teachers in the basics of mental health support which in turn will improve mental health in children and young people.

We need all the help we can get to provide this crucial training – please support us by donating, booking one of our mental health training courses or buying a product from our store.

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