BreatheUni: What are Toxic Relationships and How to Deal with Them?

By Anisa D., MSc Health Psychology Student & Nazia U., MSc Psychology Student and Volunteers


Toxic relationships are broadly defined as ones that are repetitive, mutually destructive and have unhealthy patterns that cause more harm than good for both parties. Toxic relationships can be with friends, family and/or your partner.

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BreatheUni: 5 Steps to Combat Loneliness

By Mariam G., BSc Psychology and Counselling Student and Volunteer


The Office for National Statistics stated that in April-May 2020, around 2.6 million people reported feeling lonely “often” or “always”, and around 7.4 million adults said that their well-being has been affected as a result of feeling lonely.

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BreatheUni: Friendships and Feeling Lonely at University

Bianca R., MSc Psychology Student and Volunteer


It has been one year since the first UK lockdown, and national restrictions are still in place. No university student could have foreseen what the past 12 months of their academic career and university experience have looked like. Whether you

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BreatheUni: Depression and Coping

By Anna P., MSc Psychology and Shania Z., BSc Psychology Students and Volunteers


We have all felt negative emotions, whether that’s sadness, anger, anxiety or frustration. These emotions come in waves and some days can be worse than others.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you are feeling down or feeling depressed?
Depression is a

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