Welcome to the #SockItToStigma 2024 Campaign!

Our annual #SockItToStigma campaign aims to shine a light on the stigma surrounding mental health and the harmful impact it can have on individuals. Mental health is often an unspoken topic, especially in the workplace, where fears of judgment and repercussions may hinder open discussions. This silence can lead to negative effects on productivity and work performance.

Stigma continues to deter people from seeking the help they need. It’s crucial that we collectively foster a culture that encourages open dialogue and empowers individuals to share their challenges without fear. As Peter Wingrove, Shawmind CEO, emphasizes, we all have a personal responsibility to create such a supportive environment.

Each year, we call on organizations and schools to join us in breaking the silence by donning their brightest socks throughout February. This vibrant display serves as a fun conversation starter, prompting discussions about the serious subject of mental health.

The goal of #SockItToStigma is to combat stigma within schools and workplaces, sparking conversations around mental health. We aim to encourage free and open dialogues between teachers and students, and among colleagues, fostering an environment where mental health and well-being can be discussed without judgment or fear.

By participating in #SockItToStigma, you demonstrate your commitment to fighting the stigma surrounding mental health. It signals that you are a supportive ally, someone approachable for advice and assistance, free from judgment or repercussion. This campaign has proven to be a lively, interactive way to initiate conversations about mental health.

How can your workplace get involved in #SockItToStigma?

Organizations are encouraged to actively engage in projects that demonstrate understanding and acceptance of the mental and emotional well-being challenges faced by their staff. One impactful way to do this is by organizing a fundraising and sock-wearing competition between staff or departments. Challenge each other to raise funds for the #SockItToStigma cause, supporting mental health training for schools nationwide. As a company, commit to matching the funds raised by employees.

Fundraising activities can be fun and shareable on intranets or social media, but the key ingredient is that the activity must be done while wearing your brightest, quirkiest socks!

1. Post a picture wearing your favourite socks on Instagram.

2. Tag us @shawmind_ and use these hashtags:

   – #SockItToStigma

   – #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek

   – #ShawMind

3. Consider starting a fundraising team on the #SockItToStigma page and challenge other teams!


We will support you on our social media and in any PR initiatives.

Let’s unite to break the stigma and create a culture of understanding, support, and open conversation around mental health. Together, we can make a meaningful impact!

How can your school get involved in #SockItToStigma?

Schools need to show that they are both understanding and accepting of the mental and emotional wellbeing challenges of their staff and the children under their care, and that they are there to support them as far as possible.

#SockItToStigma has proven in the past to be a fun, interactive way of getting these conversations started.

Use our #SockItToStigma Activity Pack as a starting point to do something fun together and to use the opportunity to speak about mental health, breaking the stigma around this serious subject.

All funds raised will be used to help fund our Integrated Esports Development Programme.

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