Showcasing a community that’s leaving no one behind

What’s going on in Sheffield?

Shawmind moved to Sheffield in August 2023 and in 3 short months we already we have formed some fantastic partnerships with local organisations and the community here.

Working alongside some of the top sports clubs, we have been fortunate enough to be able to provide recognition to local organisations for the work that they are doing, as well as provide necessary sponsorship and support to other organisations who need it. Our most recent partnerships include Sheffield Steelers, The Steeldogs, B. Braun Sheffield Sharks and The Hatters.

In early October we were able to give a local mental health charity, MentalMate, and its members the Sheffield Steelers VIP suite in recognition of their fantastic work within the community: they are a mental health boxing club who opened their gym in April and provide free access to the training and coaching facilities for people in the community who struggle with their mental health. They are also there for those who find that boxing provides a form of relief and can also give access to mental health first aid. They work with families and children who are struggling, providing safe spaces and someone to talk to at every gym training session. They have just been nominated locally for a Health and Wellbeing Award for their work in the community, and they very kindly like and repost all our posts on social media which is helping to build our profile locally.

Recently, the Sheffield Sharks played their most formidable opponents, the London Lions. Tickets were eagerly snapped up for this, but again, Shawmind had been fortunate to be able to secure and provide 35 tickets to members of the community, and to the children in Royston Scout Troop, a small troop now looking to raise funds to build their own scout hall.

Within the next few weeks our CEO, Peter, will be delivering mental health awareness training to the Sheffield Sharks – these players are role models within the community to whom many young children look up, so having them understand, and more importantly able to interact with, children who are struggling will have big impact.

Lastly, since moving to Sheffield, we are proud to be supporting the Mi Amigo Restoration Project, a memorial that deeply resonates with our community still today. The restoration plans for the memorial are crucial in order to maintain the site and ensure that it is accessible to everyone who wishes to pay their respects to the air crew who selflessly gave their own lives to protect children and families of Sheffield.

We are working closely with RAFA and the UK Veterans Gamers Association to do a landmark fundraising event  in celebration of the unveiling of the Mi Amigo Memorial next year in Sheffield, supported by Meadowhall Shopping Centre who have allowed us an area upstairs to showcase our exhibition which will include elements from the Mi Amigo story and also that of our work with partners in pioneering mental fitness support within the online video gaming industry, as part of an educational enrichment programme.

It’s been a very busy few months but we are dedicated and excited to continue working with local communities, individuals and organisations to bring the best level of mental health awareness and fitness to Sheffield. We won’t stop striving to ensure that everyone understands the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and that everyone who needs support has access to that. We are small, but mighty organisation, building a community that will leave no one behind.

If you’re interested in the work we do and want to find out more or how we could work together, please get in touch via the contact form here and we will get back to you.

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