Men’s Mental Health Support Group

3 out of 4 suicides are men – ManCave aims to defeat this. 

Come and join Peter Wingrove and James Brincat-Smith on the last Wednesday afternoon every month for a chat about various men’s mental health issues 

Breathe: ManCave is a monthly get-together for men, a time and place for men to speak about their mental health, their challenges, to listen to experts and to share with other men their coping strategies.  

Why do men need a mental health support group?

Around 75% of UK deaths from suicide are men, and it is the leading cause of mortality for men under the age of 50. These figures highlight the critical need for mental health services for men. Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with men’s mental health, which frequently stops men from seeking mental health help from family, friends, and medical professionals. 

Attending local men’s get-togethers and support groups and places for men to speak about their mental health and challenges they’re facing with other men can allow a safe-space for sharing coping strategies, getting help and making people feel less-alone in their struggle.  

Come to Mancave – a monthly mental health support group for men

Breathe: ManCave is open to all who are interested in men’s mental health. It is growing to represent men from communities across the country and all walks of life, and aims to become a source of thought leadership on men’s mental health to the benefit of all. 

Our ManCave is currently held at Just Beer, Newark on the last Wednesday of every month.