Shawmind is an Approved Activity Provider for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We offer Mental Health Awareness and Understanding courses as part of a Bronze or Silver Award, and we offer our Integrated Esports Enrichment Programme as part of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Mental Health Awareness Training:

Our Mental Health Awareness and Understanding course can be done at Bronze or Silver level and consists of approximately 13 hours of online learning (equivalent to 13 weeks at 1 hour per week). All of the courses can be access via our Thinkific training platform, which you can find here directly, or via the The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award website, here.

The training provides you with a beginners insight into mental health and wellbeing, how to recognise signs and symptoms and where to seek support for yourself and/ or others who might need it. The courses also offer information on mental health and wellbeing in general, as well as more specific courses on certain elements such as anxiety, neurodiversity and resilience.

Once signed up on our site, please email your EDofe number to our team – we need this to complete your assessor reports upon completion of all modules. You can email us here, or through Thinkific.

The full course bundle costs just £10 to complete.


Integrated Esports Development Programme:

Our Integrated Esports Development Programme is an exciting new initiative that aims to provide online and physical coached sessions (through dedicated Esports facilities at venues around the country), peer mentoring programmes, and mental and emotional wellbeing sessions, as well as regular online competition days, promoting the development of social interaction skills in a fun and safe environment.

An important core part of the programme will see participants able to undergo a dedicated 42-week educational enrichment programme, through which they can learn the business of managing a professional team from real-world people in the business.

This programme allows schools and individuals to enrol and complete a course where they can join a group of likeminded individuals in the world of online sport. It creates a community of children and young people who are keen to pursue a career in sports, but may struggle to access physical games and outdoor spaces, either through disabilities or due to mental health issues such as anxiety, agoraphobia etc.

This course comes with a workbook to complete and log progress, and you will also receive a free Esports jersey upon completion.

To enrol, you must have the following:

A Next-Gen Console or gaming PC, capable of playing the latest version of EAFC
Internet access with a stable internet connection
If playing with Xbox or Playstation, you will require PS Plus or Xbox Live membership
A headset is useful
A device to speak to via the Discord app
If your Playstation doesn’t have the Discord app yet, you will need another device to access this, such as a phone or tablet.

The whole programme costs £485 for the full 42 weeks and you can find it on The Duke of Edinburgh’s website here.

To book your place in the next cohort, please fill in the application form here

To learn more about the programme, please email us.