The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As Brits, we love to rally around a good cause, in fact, according to the Charity Aid Foundation, as a nation, we’ve continued to donate more than £10 billion each year for the last three years to a range of local, national and international charitable causes.

But whether we’re dropping a few pounds into a charity bucket, donning our kit for a sponsored fun run or stepped out in our finery for a charitable ball, there is no denying the feel-good factor that giving to a good cause brings to us all.

So why not bring that feeling into your workplace?
More and more businesses are getting in on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action. Many have realised that there are positive benefits not just for the charity in question, but also for their workforce and professional reputation.

What are the benefits?
On an individual level, most people feel good about making a positive difference to those in need. Whether they’ve worn their jeans to work, baked some cakes or cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End, people are keen to give to a cause they feel passionate about.

Having something happening at work that is out of the ordinary can also reinvigorate your team and workplace and highlight awareness around a particular cause.

Raising awareness, particularly around mental health and wellbeing, is so important, because it affects us all. And knowing that a workplace is open to conversations about mental ill health is proving more of more important within society today.

In the UK, one in four people experience mental ill health, but by creating communities where people feel able to ask for help, talk about their concerns knowing they’ll be heard and supported through difficult periods, we can break the stigma and support one another more effectively.

So how can I get involved?
Got a Corporate Social Responsibility policy? Great! Talk to your team and find out if there is a charity of the year in place for this year.

Not got a charity in mind yet? Pick up the phone and talk to us about our exciting plans for this year, we’ve always got a campaign around the corner or a fundraising event coming up that you can piggyback on.

You might want to start small and have a coffee morning, where your team bake cakes and treats to sell to one another or your clients and visitors. A small group from your organisation might like to take on a fitness challenge such as a Tough Mudder, a marathon or a long-distance bike ride.

Some daring devil might even want to do a parachute jump or swim the Channel in our name – we salute you! Or, if glamourous gala dinners are more your thing, you might like to organise one of these for the benefit of the charity.

Whatever you’re thinking of doing to fundraise for Shawmind, let us know and we’ll help promote your activity across our social media pages and on our website. We’ll even help if you need a contact at your local paper, so you can shout about your challenge or event.

Most importantly, 100% of your gift will go towards work to support those with mental health and wellbeing challenges.

How do I get started?
First things first, give us a call and let us know what you’re planning.

We’ve got lots of fundraising and event experience, so if there is anything you’re not sure about we’ll be able to help.

If you need us to attend an event to give a thank you speech or share some more information about the important work of our charity, then let us know the dates and timings and we’ll be there.

Next up, you need to get organised. You can easily set up a JustGiving page linked to our charity here

Alternatively, you can recommend your supporters text to donate. Simply ask them to text SHAWMIND and the amount they want to donate (in whole pounds) to 70085 e.g. SHAWMIND10 will donate £10.

Away you go!
Once you’re set up to receive donations, you need to start promoting your event or activity. Tell the world and collect in as many donations and well wishes as you can, social media is great for this, but you might want to talk to your local newspaper or radio station too.

This is a great time to raise awareness of the charity by sharing their updates or upcoming campaigns online too.

Regularly remind people of your plans and use weekly hashtags to promote it e.g. #CharityTuesday You could even create your own hashtag and encourage people to use it in the run up to and during your event.

You did it, you champ!
Once every cake is sold, the mud has dried on your trainers and you’ve literally come down from your tandem skydive, we’ll help you maintain that feeling of euphoria.

Collect in all your donations and pop us a cheque in the post or donate online (PayPal) via our website’s donate page. If you’d like to present us with a cheque, then please let us know the date and time and we’ll come along to your offices to thank the team personally.

We’ll add your business logo to our supporters’ page and publicly thank you for your support and achievements (unless you don’t want us to). We’ll share your photos on our social media channels, and you might even make our quarterly newsletter!

Then it’s feet up for you…until next time that is.