Nettl of Newark; Taking the Sting Out of Printing

In December 2019, Lesley Pashley and her team from Nettl of Newark and Grantham got in touch to say they wanted to champion Shawmind as their charity of the year for 2020.

The local web design studio had been so impressed by our presentation at the Newark Business Club in November that it was an easy decision when they were considering their options for Charity of the Year in December.

Lesley Pashley, Director of Nettl of Newark and Nettl of Grantham, explained: “We always look to support a local charity and when we heard more about Shawmind at Newark Business Club something resonated with us all.

“Shawmind deals with a cause close to my heart, particularly their work with young adults experiencing mental health issues, so when it came time to choose our 2020 charity of the year, the choice was a simple one.”

Rather than a one-off donation, Nettl of Newark and Nettl of Grantham has ring-fenced a pot of money that we can use for printing and design with them, throughout the year.

Following our recent rebrand to Shawmind, we’ll be making use of that for a new suite of banners and leaflets.

Peter Wingrove, our Operations Director, said: “We are so grateful to the team at Nettl of Newark and Nettl of Grantham. Their generosity means that we can continue to focus our funding on rolling out our Breathe programme to more communities.

“I’m looking forward to using our new suite of banners and leaflets to promote our Breathe community outreach work to more and more people who need to access our services.

“This year we’re planning to expand our Breathe programme to make mental health and wellbeing support available to more people across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Having clear branding, so people in need can identify us quickly, is essential.”

Lesley and her team have also shown a keen interest in volunteering and taking part in our campaigns throughout the year. In fact, during Children’s Mental Health Week, Project Co- ordinator, Emma Ashwin led the team on social media buy showing off her brightly coloured socks for #SockittoStigma – thanks Emma!

If you’ve been inspired by Nettl of Newark and Grantham and would like to name us as your charity of the year, fundraise for us or donate the gift of skills in-kind then please get in touch with us today.