NottAlone and Mental Health Support Team (MHST), in collaboration, are organising a mental health event and we would like to invite you to come along! The event is taking place on Friday 10th February 2023 (Children’s Mental Health Week).

The theme for the Young Peoples Mental Health week is ‘Let’s Connect’. We are aiming to emulate the theme in one of the biggest forums Nottingham has had to come together to learn, share ideas and practice to support children’s overall wellbeing. The event will be open to all schools in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire, inviting their Senior Mental Health Leads and Student Mental Health Ambassadors. We are aiming for over 1000 young people and professionals attending throughout the day for them to see the great work that goes on city and county wide and how they can access the amazing support that is available to them.

We will be offering workshops, a range of performances, showcasing galleries to run throughout the day alongside the service providers, to further reflect and encapsulate the theme.