A space for real conversations

What is a Breathe Café?

Our Breathe Cafés are spaces for real conversations. They offer resources on mental health and wellbeing, signposting to mental health services and provide access to our network of volunteers who are there to listen.

Disclaimer: Breathe Cafés are not mental health clinics. Our volunteers are not therapists. We provide signposting and supportive listening only. Nothing provided at a Breathe Café or by Shawmind replaces advice from a mental health professional.

How does it work?

1. Breathe

Take a breath, relax, enjoy a drink with some delicious food while reading a book from our mental health library.

2. Share

Open up and share how you are feeling with someone you feel comfortable with.

3. Connect

Select your location below for a full list of available local resources or to connect with one of our volunteers.

Our Breathe Cafés

Connect to our volunteers

You can connect to one of our volunteers via our Breathe Cafe WhatsApp channel here.

And remember...

You are not alone

You are worthy of love and support

You have the power and ability to change your life