ShawMind brings 8 years of advocacy to an end

Shawmind was created by Sheffield-born UK/US entrepreneur, Adam Shaw, in 2016. The charity became the first ever Mental Health charity to force a Parliamentary debate in 2017 on the issue of children’s Mental Health in schools, and since then we have helped thousands of people across the UK with their Mental Health.

Timeline updated 2023

A note of thanks...

Over the last 8 years, my very generous partners, our trustees and our very hard working team of employees have sacrificed and dedicated their time and resource overwhelmingly for our sole purpose and passion of ensuring we created action and impact for the next generation and to be a voice and provide hope for those suffering in silence. Our belief is that humanity will always be greater than status. The last 8 years has been an enlightening journey, we sincerely hope over this period we have enabled children, teenagers, families and their loved ones the tools to help change their life and their mental health. It has been an incredible blessing and privilege to serve the mental health community over the last 8 years, for which we are truly grateful for and indeed humbled.

It was an almost impossible decision to make, but we now feel the time is right to also shape a new future for our own lives and indeed that of our families and for that reason it is with a heavy heart that we have now made the decision to move away and retire from the public eye with our Mental Health advocacy through our charity work. Our advocacy for Mental Health Wellbeing and Prosperity will always be unwavering, but the time now feels right to move forward and pursue our passion in a more private setting.

Thank you to all, remember there is always, always, always hope. Life is truly worth living and there is always someone who cares and indeed shares the same lived experience as you, please never ever forget this.

– Adam, James & Peter

Adam Shaw - Founder & Chair

Dr. James Espey OBE - President