Adam Shaw

Founder & Chairman

A successful businessman, Adam has experienced issues with OCD, anxiety and panic attacks. After meeting leading psychologist Dr Lauren Callaghan, Adam learned not to look away from the things he feared but rather to face them and to ‘pull the trigger’ on them. Subsequently they set up Trigger Publishing together, a successful mental health & wellbeing book publisher.  Adam set up the charity Shaw Mind with a mission to help people understand the causes of anxiety and how to manage them effectively. He has a deep felt and very personal commitment to the cause.

Dr James Espey OBE


Born in Zambia and educated in Cape Town, South Africa before transferring to London in 1977, James built a successful career in the drinks industry including roles as President of Chivas Brothers, President of United Distillers in North America and Chairman of IDV UK. A portfolio Director and a Chairman since the 1990s of companies including Mimecast Ltd, Fuller Smith & Turner and Whyte & Mackay Ltd. James is now an entrepreneur, mentor, author and philanthropist. At 55, James experienced a breakdown and his experience in recovery encouraged him to become President of our charity to support a cause in which he believes passionately.

Dr Lauren Callaghan


Co-Founder & Mental Health Practice sub-committee

Lauren is a psychologist who has worked at the specialist national training centres for severe obsessional problems in the UK and is recognised as an expert in diagnosing and successfully treating anxiety related illnesses.

She was born and educated in New Zealand and now lives in Australia.

Vaughan Collins

Founder & Governance sub-committee

Vaughan is a successful engineer and previous business owner. Since retiring, he was keen to find a way to help people build resilience against potential mental health issues and to support them in times of need. This led to him co-founding Shaw Mind in 2016.

Nik Goddard

Treasurer & Governance sub-committee

Nik is a trained accountant with nearly 20 years experience across a number of sectors. He has worked with Adam Shaw on several successful business ventures. Having witnessed first hand the devastating impact of mental health issues on close family members, Nik has an active interest in promoting positive mental health.

Ian Wallace

Trustee & Creative sub-committee

Ian is founder and Managing Director of a successful, long-standing graphic design agency, Fusion Graphic Design. As Creative Director, he oversees the graphic design, web development and brand image of Shawmind.

Having seen close friends and family members suffer from mental health issues, Ian is motivated to help improve the quality of peoples lives, and be an advocate to speak out, raise awareness and reduce stigma, wherever possible.

Chris Woolston

Trustee & Strategy sub-committee

Founder and now Chairman of strategy consultancy forward thinking inc established in 1998, Chris worked closely with James in his corporate career and shares his passion for people-led strategy.

A strong believer of the importance of human and relationship capital development, he has a keen interest in promoting mental health support at work.