Have you got a mental health story to tell?

Your journey to overcoming a mental health struggle is so powerful – and not just for you. Writing it down and sharing it with others can provide a roadmap for them to get help and feel better. Knowing you succeeded in doing so will spur them along as they walk the same path.

This is called bibliotherapy, harnessing the power of lived experience books as a standalone or supplementary mental health treatment. When a person reads a lived experience story, their brain beings to process the emotions and feelings presented, and therefore starts them on the road to recovery. Not only is bibliotherapy incredibly effective, but it’s much more budget-friendly than other forms of therapy. By publishing your story, you could help provide this vital resource for someone who really needs it.

Cherish Editions is committed to creating books that serve as bibliotherapy. They strive to publish positive, responsible, important and inspirational books that work to de-stigmatise the issues around mental health. Bibliotherapy comes in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why they’re open to memoirs, children’s books, poetry and self-help guides – anything that will make readers feel less alone, resonate with them, and motivate them to find healing.

By publishing with Cherish Editions, you will be advancing mental health awareness with your words and with every sale of your book, too. The Cherish team funnels a portion of their proceeds to Shawmind, which, as you know, works to build mental health awareness and share resources with people across the UK.

To find out what they can do with your story – and learn more about how your lived experience can change other people’s lives – contact Cherish’s Managing Editor Soraya Nair at soraya@triggerhub.org.