Breathe Youth

Breathe Youth is a collection of initiatives, training courses and interventions aimed at helping young people understand and cope with anxiety and the mental wellbeing issues associated with it.

The programme also trains teachers and parents/carers to better understand mental health, and to equip them to handle the mental health of children under their care.

Last year we engaged with more than 600 young people and encouraged them to become more open about their mental and emotional wellbeing. Our sessions focused on topics such as bullying, self-esteem, peer pressure and the impact of social media, presented in fun and interactive ways.

Having championed compulsory mental health education for children, we are passionately committed to improving the mental health of the next generation.


Breathe Café

Not everyone struggling with a mental or emotional challenge needs a diagnosis, sometimes they simply need a space where they can feel safe and comfortable to “just breathe”.

Through the Breathe Café we provide a relaxed, non-judgmental safe space for active listening partnered with a library of mental health books and signposting to further resources in your local area – free of charge and without a GP referral.

With this offering we hope to bridge the gap for people experiencing anxiety and associated mental health challenges who are not currently getting the support that they need.

In 2019, our first Breathe Café opened in Newark, Nottinghamshire – working with corporate and hospitality partners we are expanding our footprint and opening them all over the UK. If you have a location you believe is suitable for a Breathe Café, we would love to hear from you – please get in touch.


ManCave is a monthly get-together for men, a time and place for men to speak about their mental health, their challenges, to listen to experts and to share with other men their coping strategies. 3 out of 4 suicides are men – ManCave aims to defeat this.

Having starting at two locations in Newark on a bi-weekly basis in 2020, ManCave has moved onto the Zoom online platform during Coronavirus lockdown. ManCave is open to all who are interested in men’s mental health. It is growing to represent men from communities across the country and all walks of life, and aims to become a source of thought leadership on men’s mental health to the benefit of all.


Mental Health Training

Working with a network of mental health speakers, facilitators and training associates, our mental health interventions are provided both on site and online, always live and in-person.

Our current training courses range from our Monkey Wisdom series, mental health training and education for children, teenagers and parents, through to our corporate training in mental health first aid.

We aim to provide subsidized training to schools, thanks to the generous support of our donors and corporate partners. For more information on our training courses, please see our Get Trained page.