Physical fitness gets plenty of attention, and for good reason. A healthy body can prevent many physical and mental conditions, and help you maintain independence and live a happy life.

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness and should not be neglected. Mental fitness can impact physical fitness and can help you reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

What is mental fitness?

Mental fitness means having an environment and behaviours that encourage good mental health, and the resilience to bounce back from life knocks. Mental fitness is about creating a school-, workplace- or home environment that minimises negative stress, while helping to stretch and develop a young person’s potential. It’s about encouraging creativity, expression, engagement, communication, uniqueness and a positive mindset.

Having good mental fitness will allow you to:

  • Be present and connected with those around you
  • Feel enthusiastic, focussed, and energised
  • Be able to acknowledge and resolve difficult emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them
  • Reduce risk of serious mental illness in future
  • Be the best version of yourself

FocusZone and Quiet Focus Series

FocusZone is a pilot that ShawMind has run in conjunction with British Powerlifting to provide safe spaces and mental wellbeing resources at competitions to allow athletes to compete at the highest level.

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