BreatheUni is a mental health safe space online for students to come and have a chat with other students and mental health professionals. Run by students for students, it’s the perfect starting point for anyone looking for support, learning about mental health, or simply seeing that they don’t need to suffer in silence. BreatheUni provides a non-judgemental environment in which to share and learn about anything mental health & wellbeing related.

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To join any of these sessions, simply register for your place here. You may be asked by a member of our team to verify your student status, for example by supplying your student number – this is because these BreatheUni sessions are open to students only. We will not share your private information without your consent – you can see our privacy policy here. If you have any concerns or questions about registration, please contact us.

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    Meet the team

    BreatheUni is run voluntarily by a team of students from the University of Westminster, overseen by Shawmind.

    Name: Jeremy
    Age: 23
    Course: MSc Psychology
    About: I am a MSc student at Westminster currently making the unorthodox transition from engineering and later tech-sales to a career in mental health and therapy. I have found my volunteer roles really rewarding over the pandemic. I’ve managed to continue exercising and socialising online through my martial arts club
    Walking is a great way to clear my head and get out of the house safely. Also SLEEPING!

    Name: Anna
    Age: 21
    Course: MSc Psychology, BA Film and Theatre
    About: I am a MSc student at Westminster studying Psychology and following my future goal to train as a therapist. Despite this, I have continued exploring my creative background through theatre, photography and design. For my own mental health, I find that journaling helps me de-clutter my mind and understand my thoughts. It’s very helpful in overwhelming situations like the current pandemic.I also find that walking helps me stay physically active and is a good mental escape. Most importantly I’ve learnt that healing takes time and looks different for everyone.

    Name: Patricia
    Age: 28
    Course: Msc Health Psychology
    About: I’m an International student at Westminster. I have great interest in psychology and mental health. I aspire to be a health psychologist one day and be able to help the community with their mental health and wellbeing. Due to the pandemic, it was necessary to take care of my own mental health and wellbeing so here are a few things I do that have helped me: I exercise, listen to my favourite songs while going on walks, I do canvas paintings when I have time as its super fun! And, if I feel like I need to just take a day off and relax, I watch TV shows/movies and order takeout food!

    Name: Anisa
    Age: 23
    Course: MSc Health psychology
    About: I am currently undertaking a MSc in health psychology in the hopes of entering stage 2. I am passionate about mental health and breaking the stigma around it. For my own mental health during Covid times especially, I find socialising online, taking regular walks and reading books helpful.

    Name: Bianca
    Age: 22
    Course: MSc Psychology, BSc Biomedical Sciences
    About: I am currently working towards a MSc in Psychology to follow my interests in clinical psychology and mental health. For my own mental wellbeing, yoga helps me the most to actively de-stress. I personally find that the things that work best are so simple, but also the hardest to do. Therefore, I try my best to take my own advice while also learning to be patient with myself, especially during Covid times.

    Name: Mariam
    Age: 22
    Course: BSc Psychology and counselling
    About: I am a psychology and counselling student at the university of Westminster aspiring to work with children and adolescence in the future. I wanted to be a volunteer at Shawmind because we share the same ambitions and my time here has helped with my own personal development. Self care is just as important which is why I like to read and bake if I feel like I need to take a step back which also declutters my mind.

    Name: Lauren
    Age: 25
    Course: MSc Health Psychology
    About: Born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve lived in Paris, Cape Town, and now find trying to navigate London. My background is in clinical psychology, obtaining a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London, and having spent time working as a psychotherapy intern and a crisis counsellor. Anything mental health and psychology has been a big part of my life for the last few years and I’m so excited to be a part of the Shawmind Team bringing mental health awareness to the everyone! Happy to talk about anything and everything, but particularly interested in travel, cooking, reading, and blogging.

    Name: Laura
    Age: 21
    Course: MSc Health Psychology
    About: I am an undergraduate student at University of Westminster. I have been interested in psychology since I was young but I still yet to have a clear choice of career. I want to explore and learn many aspects before I make my decision, thus I chose a module that required volunteering in order to be able to meet with other students and people like myself with a passion towards mental health. It’s just the beginning but volunteering with Shawmind has gained me a lot of valuable experience and knowledge.

    My way of maintaining my mental health is to read, whether it be manga, books or online novels, watch movies or listen to music in order to complete submerge myself in a whole new world. I also do a bit of DIY.

    Name: Nasanin
    Age: 20
    Course: BSc Psychology and Counselling
    About: I am currently a 2nd year Psychology student at the University of Westminster. I plan to pursue my passion in working as a clinical psychologist.
    I am intrigued to understand more about mental health and desire to reduce stigma and discrimination. This leads to an internalised shame for those who are living with a mental illness. The self sabotage behaviour and pessimism, to a community of elation and support is why I have volunteered for Shawmind.
    To aid my own psychological well-being, I aim to do some relaxation techniques such as “deep breathing”, practicing gratitude, socialising with others as well as a 30 minutes walk every day in nature!

    Name: Jessica
    Age: 20
    Course: BSc Psychology and Counselling
    About: I am an undergrad student working towards a degree in psychology and counselling in order to follow my goal of becoming a grievance counsellor. I love going for walks for a change of scenery and sometimes in hope of enlightenment. These days I find myself using my negative thoughts to motivate me to do better instead of always trying to block them out. Working alongside Shawmind will hopefully allow me to help others develop a better mindset.