What is BreatheUni?

BreatheUni is a safe space for students. Run by students, for students, it’s the perfect starting point for anyone looking for support and learning about mental health and wellbeing, personal development and equality, diversity and inclusion.

BreatheUni provides a non-judgemental environment in which to discuss, share and learn with peers who are Mental Health First Aiders and are well trained to signpost relevant information and resources.

Whether you’d just like to join our conversations, or if you’re interested in becoming a Champion of BreatheUni and would like access to a range of volunteering opportunities, everyone is welcome.

To find out how you can get involved, contact us at breatheuni@shawmind.org

Three pillars

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Understanding anxiety, stress, self-image, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, bereavement & loss, depression and burnout, and how to identify these in yourself and others. How and where to access help and what to do in a crisis.

This pillar is supported by Shawmind.

Personal Development

Transitioning from school to university, integrating socially, setting goals, personal coaching and gaining transferable personal skills such as leadership, mentoring, resilience and mindfulness.

This pillar is supported by Masteri Academy.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Understanding equality, diversity and inclusion, climate change, tolerance, acceptance of others’ points of view even if they oppose your views, and how to effectively build support.

This pillar is supported by Tirah.

Meet the team

Jeremy Lyons, BreatheUni Coordinator

I am a MSc student at Westminster currently making the unorthodox transition from engineering and later tech-sales to a career in mental health and therapy. I have found my volunteer roles really rewarding over the pandemic. I’ve managed to continue exercising and socialising online through my martial arts club. Walking is a great way to clear my head and get out of the house safely. Also SLEEPING!

Nazia Uddin, President @ University of Westminster

I am a psychology MSc student at Westminster University. I am pursuing a career in clinical psychology. I am a strong advocate for readily available and free mental health resources for all people. To help my own mental health, I read books, exercise, catch up with friends and, be kind and patient with myself especially during these covid times. I find these activities to be great ways to reconnect with myself and the people around me.

Louise Lyons-Appiah, President @ University of Birmingham

Hi guys! I am the President of BreatheUni Birmingham and I study History and Political Science. I am passionate about using my time and resources to support as many young people as I can with with their mental health and developement. I have a background in education and believe early intervention is vital for children. My aim for Breathe is to create a community of understanding and support for students of all backgrounds, so that no young person falls through the gaps.

Isabel Raffellini, President @ University of Nottingham

Hi guys! I am the President for BreatheUni Nottingham and I’m going into my second year of study in Psychology.

I’m fascinated to understand why people’s brains work the way they do, and the things we can do and put in place to prevent more serious mental health issues.

I am excited to support students with their mental well-being and personal development by providing a friendly space open to everyone.

Adam Riley, President @ Nottingham Trent University

Hey, I’m the President of BreatheUni NTU, and I’m a third-year Psychology student. I am passionate about the advocation of men’s mental health and ending the stigma of not seeking mental health aid. Hopefully, through BreatheUni’s efforts, can contribute to raising awareness of male victims of domestic abuse.