By attending our Breathe Space Café and ManCave sessions online, you agree to abide by the following:

  • Time for you. Please find a quiet, space where you can participate without interruption, this is time for you to be heard and participate and taking an hour to focus on yourself is your priority during this time.
  • Confidentiality and safety. Please respect the confidentiality of the session. You are welcome to connect with one another outside of a session, if mutually agreed, but please do not name anyone or discuss anything you may hear in a session with others who have not attended. Do not share personal details in the open forum.
  • Listen patiently, speak respectfully. Please respect one another by giving everybody the chance to contribute without interruption and by not dominating or disrupting the conversation. We keep each session limited to maximum 25 people to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate.
  • Focus on personal experiences. When speaking, please focus on what resonates with you personally, or what you have found to work for you, not on providing answers or solutions to others.
  • This is NOT therapy. No-one is obliged to say anything. Hopefully you will feel encouraged to share your own story. Whether you speak or not, please treat each other in a supportive and considerate way.
  • All Young People (16 – 25) are welcome. We do not discriminate on religious, political, racial, gender or other grounds and ask that all participants refrain from promoting any views or raising topics that could be considered discriminatory, inflammatory or cause offence to others.
  • No distractions. To benefit fully from the session, please try to avoid distractions from emails, phones or other events.