This course takes place over six weeks, 1-hour per week, and will cover the following areas:

  • the impact of Covid19 restrictions on your teenagers
  • how to ‘do’ conscious parenting
  • why 75% of all adult mental health illness is already embedded by the age of eighteen years….and what to do about it
  • the art of listening
  • the pros and cons of mobile phones, gaming and social media
  • how to help your teen navigate their way through these challenging times
  • the impact of your communication style on your teenager’s mental health
  • why looking after YOU is so important
  • why what your children think, becomes what they Be, Do and Have in life
  • self-help tools for your teenagers (and you!)
  • how to open up the conversation and talk about difficult issues
  • tools and exercises to help you and your teen move forward with confidence:
    • What is within your power to control?
    • PoT: the Power of Thought: encouraging your teen to think differently
    • You are what you think
    • BFT’s – Better Feeling Thoughts
    • Mindfulness
    • ‘Tapping’ to cope with anxiety, fear and anger
    • SOS: Stepping Over Stres
    • Countdown to Action: 54321
    • Where Am I Now? Wheel of Life
    • I AM – the power of affirmations
    • Vision Boards
    • You Make Me Proud

Duration: 6 weeks, 1-hour per week

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Tana Macpherson-Smith of Clearminds Education developed and presents the Monkey Wisdom series. She has twenty-five years’ experience in education as a teacher and senior leader in secondary schools, as a boarding school housemistress, prep school Governor, Marketing Director and creator of life-changing events for young people. Having lived (as a housemistress and parent) and worked with large numbers of teenagers over many years, she understands fully the wide range of mental health issues that affect teenagers and children.