1-hour Monkey Wisdom Workshop

Are you concerned about your child’s emotional and mental health? Then you could benefit from the Monkey Wisdom course series focusing on child mental health & wellbeing.

These courses provide a means of exploring and explaining the background to mental health issues in children and adolescents so that children as young as five can grasp the concepts, take on board the tools provided to change their thinking and as a result, enhance their emotional resilience.

The programme provides visual and physical tools to help all age groups to achieve emotional balance and overcome issues such as anxiety, anger, fear, low-mood and self-harm.  Introducing the ‘inner-monkey’ has proved a really accessible and powerful tool for children, teens and adults alike and it is through the monkey that children learn the power of their own thoughts to destroy or enhance their lives and learn how to turn down the negative voice in their heads, befriend their inner-monkey and overcome personal issues.

For parents, the insights and methods delivered through the Monkey Wisdom courses will help them to better understand themselves, their own emotions and how to enhance not only their own thinking but the thoughts and emotional wellbeing of their children too.

1-hour Monkey Wisdom Workshop

Book our 1-hour Workshop for an introduction to Money Wisdom and learn:

  • why so many children are developing emotional and mental health issues
  • the signs, symptoms and common causes
  • the role of parents in enhancing emotional resilience and wellbeing
  • the impact of on-line education during Covid19 lockdown
  • how best to support your child through these difficult times

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Duration: 1 Hour

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For a limited period, we are offering these courses at a reduced rate. Be sure to book soon!


Tana Macpherson-Smith of Clearminds Education developed and presents the Monkey Wisdom series. She has twenty-five years’ experience in education as a teacher and senior leader in secondary schools, as a boarding school housemistress, prep school Governor, Marketing Director and creator of life-changing events for young people. Having lived (as a housemistress and parent) and worked with large numbers of teenagers over many years, she understands fully the wide range of mental health issues that affect teenagers and children.